Clocks & Clouds

I strive to combine Functional & Creative, and have more then 10 years experience with proficiency in Web Design, UI/UX, Corporate Design, Illustration, Print Design and Animation.

User Interface

Many years ago I started to wonder how programs work - what's behind the buttons and the windows that make up a website or an application. I started thinking about how to design applications to work and look better. I hate and love a "struggle" with programmers about every pixel and font size. But it's life. And I enjoy it.

Web Design

Web sites and applications are a part of our lives, either as simple presentations, where appearance is the most important aspect of the site, or as complex systems which facilitate the operation and management of data. In both cases I try to find a way to design it in a clear and user-friendly way.


I've drawn since childhood. I have designed digital graphics for years, but my love for drawing remains, so I try to combine applied design and hand drawing to provide my customers a unique look and feel.

Let's talk

I live in Prague. We can arrange a meeting.